These works were created in response to the many tiny details of our complex and always evolving world—with particular attention to the slowly cultivated, often invisible processes that inform and coax our world into its seen and unseen textures, contours, and forms.

Inspired by the reticulation patterns that result from using different media in traditional lithography, I experimented with alternative surfaces that could emulate this desirable texture. These images began as wash paintings using an oil-based touché stick on a clear transparency coated for wet media. These individual paintings were used to make a color print, which I then transferred with matte medium onto tea-stained archival cotton paper. I rubbed away the paper fibers from the print using a small bowl of water and my hands. The ink from the print becomes suspended in the matte medium, which acts as both the vessel for the ink as well as the binding agent that adheres it to the paper. When I rub the paper fibers away, the mirror image of my painting comes through and is suspended in the matte medium.

I am interested in asking questions and telling stories, and documenting small fragments of the everyday from that which is observed and imagined. I wonder-- What happens when I am sleeping? What happens quietly all around me when I am ‘awake’? What do I notice when I slow my pace and look up close? What critters wander about, leaving quiet traces? Where have the vapors from my breath traveled? What is it like to be a plant?