A Study of the Relationship Between Our Cells and the Universe

I had the opportunity to take an intensive Human Anatomy course through a local community college this past summer. Studying the human body from a western scientific perspective was an interesting vantage point through which to understand what it means to be human. Despite the sophisticated individual names for all of the "parts," I see that they are inseparable and wholly linked. We are an elegant part of a much larger whole.

Here are some photographs that I captured through the microscope while studying various tissues of the human body. I spent hours in awe of the similarity this holds to looking through a telescope, or to macroscopic life in process and on land. I marvel that this brilliance is contained within. 

Epithelial (Skin) Tissue-- Topographic Layers, Coastal Cliffs and Erosion

Epithelial (Skin) Tissue-- Topographic Layers, Coastal Cliffs and Erosion

Cardiac Muscle-- Fibers of the Heart

Smooth Muscle with some Adipose (Fat) Cells that Flexibly Expand and Contract

The Sedimentary Layers of Skeletal Muscle Tissue

Osseous (Bone) Tissue Resembles Tree Rings and Sashiko Stitches