WEAVE WITH US is a collaborative project between artists Melody Overstreet and Nora Grant. We wanted to turn the entrance to the pedestrian bridge on the San Lorenzo riverwalk into a vibrant tapestry. 

The Riverwalk Weaving Project welcomed people from all backgrounds to connect with one another and the land through hands on weaving. Together, we wove a large tapestry along the entrance to the pedestrian bridge on the Santa Cruz Riverwalk.

We used the metal bridge posts as the warp, and wove the weft with colors reflective of the local ecology: Rusty reds of buckwheat. Blushing pinks of wild rose. A golden splash of CA poppy. Shady greens of bay leaves. Sandy hues of rocks softened by erosion. Morning sky blues.

As we become more consumed with virtual worlds, we wanted to offer a way for people to connect with the land and each other through something physical. Something colorful. Something you can hold in your hands. This public participatory weaving project took place over three consecutive Sundays in May of 2017, and culminated in a river celebration on June 3rd, 2017. 

This project is funded in part by the Santa Cruz County Art Council. Special thanks to these generous souls for donating fiber to the project: The FabricaYarn Shop Santa CruzThe UCSC Institute of the Arts and SciencesThe Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild,  The Santa Cruz County Art Council, Jenifer Neel, Holly Akioshi, Jen Toner, Stacey Grant, and Ann Dizikes. This project was part of the 2017 Ebb and Flow Festival-- a collection of site-specific art projects all in honor of the San Lorenzo River and the Tannery Arts Center.

To learn more about this project visit www.weavewithus.weebly.com